Yahoo! onePlace and other amenities?


Reading on TechCrunch an article dealing with the new mobile application by Yahoo, I was reading all the comments when, one of these enlighten me. I quote:It’s great to see Yahoo launching so much new stuff. Not.

Yahoo is just launching a bunch of crap to get blogs to write about them. More and more stuff for the 415 and 650 types. Great, no one else cares.

What happened to real innovation on the web? It seems like all the big players and small players are just trying to find ways to RSS this, or Twitter this, or combine this, or add this.

Real innovation does one of the following:
– Allows me to spend more time with my family and friends
– Reduces stress
– Makes me healthier
– Makes me smarter
– Makes me richer

Most of these products accomplish none of the above.Tags: , , ,

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