About entrepreneurship

The creation of a business from the embryo of a concept is the genius of the entrepreneur.

But, unlike so many things in life, there are no boundaries as to who can be an entrepreneur. You can be a college student. True innovation is blind. As the web increasingly democratizes innovation and costs decrease, anyone can showcase a product – just look at Facebook or YouTube. In the digital world, the dependency on a large checkbook to start a business is diminishing. Instead, what has become increasingly more important is the help from others — the intellectual capital and know-how to succeed.

Entrepreneurship involves mistakes and failures. But ultimately, if you have that intellectual capital and intimate understanding behind your project, you have a chance to succeed.

Intellectual capital, and not just monetary capital, will spawn the next great product or idea. Entrepreneurs, especially in the technology sector, will create things tomorrow that we can barely imagine today. They will struggle. They will fight. Many will fail. Others will thrive.

What we must be most vigilant about is maintaining an economic system that continues to encourage entrepreneurship and creativity. If we want our country to truly succeed in the 21st century, we will need the public and private sectors to also think in creative ways to encourage and further facilitate the creation of new companies.

This is not just an American issue, but a global one. As someone who was born in Brazil, grew up in Miami, and educated in Boston, I have seen first-hand that the challenge of creating new businesses is a global opportunity. Entrepreneurship must be encouraged by everyone around the world. Working towards a common goal of creating new companies should be an aspiration for everyone, no matter what their political stripes or leanings may be, or where they live. Entrepreneurship is not limited to just our borders.

In the digital world, borders are permeable.

While watching the “Hollywood version” of one’s college life is both humbling and entertaining, I hope that this film inspires countless others to create and take that leap to start a new business. With a little luck, you might even change the world.

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