Dig a Pony

This allegory is about a kid who was incredibly optimistic and naive. just bright sunshine all the fuckin’ time for this kid.
And his parents enjoyed his enthusiasm for life and everything but thought it might not serve him well in the cold, hard reality of the future. they tried several tactics but his sunny optimism always shone through. they acted progressively worse and worse and yet nothing seems to dampen his spirits.
one day, the kid’s birthday in fact, they decide to fill up his bedroom with shit. gathering feces from the entire county and just piling it in his bedroom so that it would be over his head. they do this on his birthday as a surprise: not only did you not get a gift, but your dear parents spent all day collecting fecal matter, and we’ve dumped it all in your bedroom.
when he comes home he goes to his room and all he can see is shit.
his parents, expecting him to finally break down, are crushed to see that he’s still excited. in fact, the kid is crawling through the fecal matter, diving in, searching for something. he looks at them, exclaiming,
“with all of this, there must be a pony in here somewhere!”
Hence, dig a pony, as an allegory for relentless optimism (CIT.)

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